The Waikiki  
One of our most popular all round spa's.  
The Waikiki has a bit of everything! 214 x 198 x 87cm 
LED's MP3 (optional) 35 Jets. LED PillowFall. Lounger. Captains Chair. Neck & Shoulder Blaster Jets. Their really is something for everyone in this beautiful looking Hot Tub. We always have one of these on display! Its a must see! All for just £5595.00 
The Honolulu 
The Honolulu Spa. 213 x 213 x 91cm. 2 powerful pumps to serve 35 jets. Lounger seat plus 5 more seats. LED PillowFall. LED Lighting. Mp3 (optional).  
Designed and created by it'seeze