The Honolulu  
735L SE  
Limited Special Edition 
by Artesian Spas 
Was £7,295 now from 
Delivery / Install  
( free delivery / Install to PO SO postcodes )  
Dimensions -214 x 214 x 91 cm 
Seats - 6 
Jets - 35 
Pump - 2 x 2 hp 2 sp 
Standard Features included in this offer  
Water Features 
Pillowfall - Let the warm water flow over your neck and shoulders for the ultimate in relaxation 
Neck Shoulder & Calf jets - Treat yourself to the ultimate neck shoulder & Calf  
massage with these revolutionary jets, melting away tension and pain in a 
matter of minutes. 
Powerful 2 pump Massage .-  
LED Multicolour lighting - Saturate your spa with your favourite colour or slowly fade from colour to colour for a spectacular light show. 
Premium Stainless Steel Jets - Luxury accents and corrosion resistant. 
Green Technology 
Ozone - Water treatment providing crystal clear spa water by killing bacteria with fewer chemicals. 
ArcticPac Insulation - This double layered insulation system features a 
reflective lining on the inside of the cabinet, combined with icynene foam that adheres to the spas shell and hose connectors. This insulation retains heat, 
keeping the spa energy efficient and the water at a tropical temperature. 
Maintenance-Free Cabinet - Synthetic cabinets that are resilient and durable. Unlike wood, these cabinets will not crack, chip , warp, or rot and , best of all , no trees are needed! 
Protecting your Spa 
ABS Base - Sealing the bottom of your spa with the ABS base to protect your 
spa from the elements. 
Spa Cover- Deluxe safety cover provides industry leading insulation and protection. 
Please note - You will be asked for 25% as a deposit,and the balance 7 days prior to delivery  
if we are ordering a bespoke hot tub in for you , you will be asked to pay in full to process the order ( We can email you the invoice and you can pay once you return home ) 
Marine-Grade MP3 Stereo- Set the mood with state of the art marine-grade stereo, four in-spa speakers 
and powerful subwoofer. £325 
Hot Tub Steps - £80 For your comfort, to aid entry to the hot tub  
Hot Tub Cover Lifter £150 
Chemical Starter Pack ( small chlorine ) £33 
Shell and Cabinet Colours- This model comes as standard with Silver Marble Shell , Antique Cabinet and Black Cover ,other colours will need to be ordered in and Can take up to 6 weeks , some colours may incur additional costs  
Full foam insulation - Full Foam provides the maximum level of insulation for your spa. 
Marine-Grade Bluetooth Stereo - Upgrade to the deluxe bluetooth marine-grade stereo for a fantastic wireless in-spa music experience. 
Our current showroom model is now £6000 to inc covermate Easy and delivery to SO / PO postcode  
This model does not have music , inc delivery does not include the price of a crane if needed  

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