Please read our Terms and conditions at the bottom of this page first 
Call to make an appointment to try before you buy so we can ensure the Tub is at a desired temperature  
Selling your Hot Tub through us is so easy as it stops all the unwanted telephones calls and traffic of  
people coming to your home to view the Tub ,when you sell privately. 
We will keep the tub full and running so that buyers can view at all times, they will not always be kept at 40' 
See our terms and conditions below 

All our Tubs are serviced on arrival, and then fully serviced prior to delivery  
To avoid disappointment a deposit will secure your Hot Tub. 
To try before you buy please make an appointment as not all tubs are kept at 40' * 
*Please bring a towel  
We dont have any used tubs at the moment  

Things to consider before buying a Hot Tub 
•Delivery access 
The Hot Tub Dimensions will be in the tub info 
Please make sure before the date of delivery that there is sufficient clearance for the Hot Tub and its trolley, The trolley dimensions can be found on our relocation's page. 
The Hot Tub will be delivered on a Spa Dolly, should you not have sufficient parking outside your house , causing us to to block the road until the hot tub is unloaded , you will need to arrange this through your local parish council if need be prior to the day. 
We recommend that you plan a delivery route so that there will be no unexpected problems on the day of installation by  
•Checking your clearance 
Check the widths of the doorways, passages and gates to make sure the Hot Tub can 
pass through, if not gates ,fence posts and any other items will have to be removed prior to delivery. 
Make sure no drain pipes or window sills are protruding 
Check for low roofs or branches that would hinder vertical clearance 
Remember a Spa has a large turning circle , so any paths with a corner will need to be checked to ensure the spa will pass through. 
Please be aware of any steps and low walls 
The Spa travels on a trolley, this will make temporary dents in grass and gravel, excessive gravel may hinder the trolley wheels, 
so you will need to provide boards so that the trolley can pass freely, or if you wish to protect your grass. 
Electrical and Water requirements 
It is recommended that all Hot Tubs be permanently connected ( hard wired ) to the power supply using : 
A single- phase 240- volt power supply with 30 ma R.C.D. ( E L C B ) fitted at the fuse board 
There will need to an isolator- min 2 meters from the water- and a cable run to the back of the Tub with a 4 m tail, 
Filling - A garden hose is needed, preferably attached to the mains. 
Emptying - You will also need a garden hose attached to the drain valve this will need to be long enough to reach a drain. 
You will need chemicals to commission your spa ( you can buy a starter kit from us by following this link )This is for safety reasons so that we can chemically  
treat the spa immediately and demonstrate chemical usage for the future. If you don't have chemicals for the engineer to use,and you don't wish 
to purchase ones that we have brought with us the install will be stopped and a 2nd visit will be arranged and charged for. 
We will supply 2 men a van and a spa dolly to deliver your Spa. If you think the spa needs to be removed from the trolley at any point during the delivery, you will need to supply additional manpower to move the Hot Tub over this area. 
Terms and Conditions
Our Used Hot Tubs are sold on behalf of the Hot Tub Owner therefore we do not offer warranty on them and are sold as seem, however we do give each hot tub 28days from the date of delivery for any teething problems*- ,* IE , - The flo error message, bleeding the pump, releasing air locks , all of which are common faults after a relocation. 
Parts and labour will not be included. 
The 28 days will start on the  
delivery date, and will only be valid 
if we install the Hot Tub for you on this date, any Hot Tubs that are collected by yourself or anyone  
collecting on your behalf or  
installed by yourself or us at a later date than the date of delivery will not be covered by the 28 days . 
All Hot Tubs are displayed full and ready for you to try before you buy, it is deemed your responsibility to view the Tub whilst here as all Tubs are sold as seen. as stated all hot  
tubs are serviced on collection and prior to delivery, to ensure they are clean and working 100% , no tub  
will leave us until it is 100%  
no deduction will be made on the price, so that you can take the tub earlier than when it is ready for delivery. 
if a tub develops a leak / fault in between you paying a deposit and your delivery date, we will endeavour to repair it in time, but if this is not possible you will not be able to  
have the tub until the leak has been repaired.  
Once you have seen the Tub you want, you will need to pay a 30% deposit ( non returnable ) in either cash or via bacs. ( we can not  
take card payments for the hot  
tubs as this incurs more costs to 
our sellers.() Until we have a deposit we can not hold and will not hold a tub for you.  
Once we have received the deposit, your Hot Tub will be removed from our website,serviced and marked as yours. we can store the Hot Tub for 14 days thereafter for you to arrange a base etc for your garden, after the 14 days, you will be charged our normal Storage charges of £20 inc per every 7 days. The maximum we can stored a tub is 3 weeks once you have paid a deposit . Once you have chosen a tub and paid your deposit you will be obliged to buy this one, if you re visit your tub and decide you prefer a different model that we now have for sale, you will need to pay a new deposit for the new preferred tub. 
The remaining balance will be payable on or before the day of delivery by the same means, as the deposit. 
Please ensure prior to delivery that you have arranged with an electrician for a suitable electrical supply to be in place as the Hot Tubs wont be delivered until such time, or if they are delivered prior to being ready to connect your  
warranty wont apply. 
( you will be charged our hourly rate should our engineer have to wait for your electrician to do this ) Once installed , any additional faults found at a later date will be deemed your responsibility and will be chargeable 
Prior to delivery you will need to ensure your access is clear,check all gates, fences, low roofs 
guttering etc as all of this can cause problems for access, if on the day of delivery we are unable to deliver due to poor access, you will be charged in full for a 2nd delivery, the tub can either be left in your garden at your responsibility or brought back to us until redelivery, if left with you  
please note this will affect your warranty. 
The price of the Hot Tub does not include delivery. call or email for a quote. Should you wish to collect  
the Hot Tub yourself, an appointment will need to be made, so that our engineer can supervise this collection, you will then be asked to sign that you have  
collected the Hot Tub , sold as seen.and no warranty will be offered. 
PLEASE NOTE although throughout our website we mention use of a Hi Ab, this is not one we own, so if a crane or Hi Ab is needed during the delivery of your Hot Tub , this will not be included in the delivery price. we do have a Crane company that we use regularly so we can arrange for them to contact you if you so wish. You will need to pay the direct, the price of the tub will not be lowered because a crane is needed. 
We do not buy the Hot Tubs from you, however we sell them on your behalf, by displaying them in our display area and adding them to our website. 
We will service the Hot Tub while it is still at your house and then bring it back to The Hot Tub Mans where it will be filled and run for customers to view, for this service we charge 30% of the final selling price. 
If a fault occurs during its time here being displayed for sale, we will not be responsible for paying for its repair. 
we ask that you send us photos prior to collection so that we can add it to our website to generate interest before it arrives. 
Should you require a crane to remove the Tub from your garden this will be left to you to arrange and pay for , if we arrive to collect the  
hot tub and you haven't arranged a crane and it cant be removed due  
to gates being too narrow etc, you will be charged a call out and another day will be arranged to come back, once you have  
arranged a crane/ hiab. 
During the Service , any faults found will be pointed out to you and all costs will be discussed with you, any major parts will need to be paid for in advance , smaller parts will just be taken off the final payment at the end. Filters will always be changed , for hygiene reasons,  
you will be invoiced for these and  
the money deducted from the  
final payment. you will be advised if you need to change the headrests but this will not be done automatically and left for you to decide.likewise with the cover, if  
you chose to not change the cover 
or headrests the price may need to reflect this, however we can not  
force this. 
If needed your cabinet will be 
treated to restore it. this will be 
done at our discretion to enhance the sale of the tub. 
Once Serviced you will be told the price we think you will achieve for the Tub. this price will not be  
inflated to cover our costs. 
Please remember the price we are advertising it at is not the balance you will get. 
You will be given a brax00 ref number so that you can see the Hot Tub on our website. 
Once we have a deposit, this will  
be kept until the delivery date if a buyer cancels after paying a  
deposit you will be given 10% of  
that deposit .and the tub will be made ready for sale again. 
On the Delivery day the balance minus any costs will be paid into your bank account. 
If you wish You will be given any updates on your Hot Tub via emails regarding viewings and offers made on your Tub. 
Should you chose to remove your Hot Tub and sell it elsewhere, you will be invoiced for our services IE  
the collection ,The service ,our running costs during the time we have had it full and running the redelivery and any parts that we  
have had to replace. this will need  
to be paid prior to you collecting or  
us re delivering the tub back to you 
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